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Prosperity is in the fog of prosperity
That intoxicating taste
Will hold you tight into the arms
In the hair, in the face or in the heart
Under the glare of the sun
I close my eyes and fall in love with you again.
Flowers are actually a way of conveying love, the love of loved ones, the love of friends, the love of men/girlfriends. . .
The florist carefully creates a bouquet of roses that best suits his love.
This rose embodies its unique meaning
The rose symbolizes purity, great love, and more expresses its infinite strong love.
A bunch of flowers adds a blessing,
It is not just a flower, but also a petting and romantic behind the flowers. . .
It’s the flowers that are usually delicate and tender; I met her.
The gear of time is turning endlessly; the year of the flow is fixed in this year, and it stops.
Put blessings, hopes, and happiness in your heart and fill a world of love.
Youth is so beautiful! ! !
Destined to a special person​
Exquisite life, so beautiful​
Meet the little happiness of each day
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